Searching for Cheap Sport Gear

OutdoorPromosDo you like outdoor sports or adventure activity such as fishing, skiing, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, or simply just like jogging around the block regularly? Well, depending on the type of the sports, but a complete set of good sports gear can cost you for hundreds of dollars. Therefore, many people will try to find other ways to reduce their expenses on their favorite sports equipment.

Even for the cheapest sports equipment such as a pair of running shoes, if there is a chance to make the price become lower than the original, many people will take that chance. So, just because you have limited budget, that does not mean you must give up on the sports gear that you want. You just need to find a way to make them become less expensive for you to buy.

There are some methods that you can use such as;

Buying the used equipment from flea market, garage sale, friend, family or someone you know

Finding the sports’ equipment stores that are having discount or clearing sales for their merchandise

Purchase the older model that still available

You can also go to the internet to search the sport’s equipment that you want in a cheap price. There are many websites that offer the sports gear that you want. You can use their price competition to find the price that you can afford. Or you can search websites that provides discount coupon codes for the sports gear that you want.

How to Take Advantage of Rebates

RebatesWe’ve all had our issues with rebates. Remember the time you purchased that “free” product from Comp USA or Circuit City who then promised you would get your money back? What an easy purchase! But, did you know that the majority of folks never redeem their rebates? If you really ever did get that check in the mail, you’re one of the few savvy consumers out there. If not, I want to let everyone in on how to ensure they’re going to be getting the savings they signed up for.

Rebates seem to fit the bill of a scam. After all, who wants to give something away for free, and how can you make money on that? While rebates can seem promising on the surface, they rarely pan out. According to statistics, only 40% of consumers submit rebates they are entitled to, 40% submit the rebate and successfully get a check, and 20% have problems. You think they want you to redeem that rebate? Think again.

But despite the difficulties of rebates and the burden to redeem, they do offer an opportunity at great savings impossible to find elsewhere. A couple items of due diligence are required when using these cheap discounts. But first let’s explain some of the deception involved.

At the outset, merchants hope you won’t bother. It takes a lot of work to redeem a rebate, so be prepared. In addition, the redemption process is made to be complicated. Who owes you your rebate, the retailer or the manufacturer? And the tediousness in the process will make you so fed up you’ll forget about your savings or give up in the process, taking the loss as a learning experience.

OK, so we know rebates are difficult at best. But what if everyone turned them in and was willing to follow up on all the problems that can be involved? I’ll give you a hint, these retailers would lose money, and rebates would end. But that’s not the case: rebates grew from 1 billion to 4 billion dollars from 1999 to 2003, and they continue on today with a presence in the online discount shopping arena. Learn how to take advantage of these savings and you’ll be adding to your online shopping smarts.

Look at who’s issuing the rebate, the manufacturer or the retailer? Manufacturers often use rebates to remove excess inventory or to clear out products for the latest models. If it’s a retailer who’s offering the rebate, and what’s their true motivation? Why aren’t they just offering a sale? These retailers are really just playing the odds hoping you won’t redeem your savings, so be aware.

The paperwork: Be sure to keep receipts, UPC codes, and sometimes even a cutout of the product picture or text on the box. Read the fine print on the rebate form (don’t leave the store without this) to know exactly what to send in. Be sure to fill in every field, don’t leave your email address blank, your form could be rejected on a technicality! A hint is to set up a separate free email address at hotmail for a lot of you ‘potential’ spam mail. This address can not only be used for rebate forms but for online newsletters as well.

Keep good records. I’d suggest marking the deadline for the rebate on a calendar, and then the date they state the rebates will be sent out – if it’s 8 weeks after the deadline, mark that. Make copies of all receipts and UPC’s before sending in your information. Be sure to take care of all of this within a few days of purchase, many times the rebate does not depend on expiration but on a date that can be only 7 days after your purchase!

Don’t be afraid to call. Oftentimes I’ve found the only way to get my rebate is to call, with records in hand, to explain my situation. I NEVER leave my rebate to chance, because I know I’ll eventually forget! After all, that’s what they expect!

Boots, Can’t Live Without Them!

BootsNothing feels the same as slipping into a pair of leather boots for a night on the town. The exact opposite is the feeling you get sliding on boots for the winter snow and slush mess outside. Boots come in many shapes and sizes.

They are made for stylish events as well as a way to tame the outdoors. Are you thinking about purchasing a pair of boots? You could even check the online retailers to find some great deals!

First, what type of boot are you looking for? Do you want a stylish addition to your shoe wear collection? Then choose from the many designer labels. Perhaps leather is what you are thinking with a nice high heel?

Or, are you looking for a nice, durable pair of hiking boots? Planning that hiking trip and need a quality pair of boots that will protect you ankles and toes? Is the winter snow creeping up and you just know you’re going to have to head on out there to shovel it up? You need a pair of durable, but waterproofed and warm boots then.

Kids need the proper boots as well. They need boots that will tighten at the top to keep the snow out and the warmth in. There are so many more types of boots you might be considering.

Consider this though. If you are looking to purchase a quality pair of boots, you may as well head on out to that busy mall to the shoe store. But, you don’t have to! In fact, your favorite shoe store or shoe brand may have a website to offer you.

You can purchase your boots at home, online! Think of that convenience! As long as you know your size, there is no stopping you from finding the best boots for you online from the convenience of your living room computer! Picking the perfect pair to fit your tastes and needs is easy if you are doing it online!

Think of all those pushy salespeople you will avoid as well!

Shopping Guide to Choose the Right Sunglasses

SunglassesDo you know how to choose the right pair of sunglasses for your needs from the gazillion pairs you see arrayed inside counters? Although sunglasses are advertised and sold like fashion accessories, they are primarily medical devices. In fact, sunglasses were created to protect your eyes from damage and the deterioration that happens if they are exposed to harmful sun rays and other sources of intense light.

How can you choose a pair of sunglasses to suit your needs? Specifically, here are four ways sunglasses work to protect your eyesight. Keep these in mind when choosing your sunglasses and you’ll have healthy corneas and retinas no matter your age.

There are four ways sunglasses protect your peepers. These are the following:

The right pair of sunglasses will give your corneas protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Scientific research has clearly linked the following diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, snow-blindness, pterygium and skin cancer, to the corneas and retinas over exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Hence, when you see stickers on sunglasses that say UV protection, it means your sunglasses filter out UV rays.

An effective pair of sunglasses will protect your retinas from intense light. You see, your irises shut down in self-protection when it is hit by intense sources of light. Your eyes will then squint if the light is even more intense. The longer your eyes are exposed to this intense and penetrating light, the harder it is on your retinas, and when the damage is done, it can be permanent.

An effective pair of Polaroid sunglasses provides protection from glare. Many sports enthusiasts especially those who go boating, use Polaroid sunglasses because they know water reflects back a great deal of sun. The glare this generates is dangerous, for this is often uncomfortable as to be distracting. Glare also hides objects that are in your way.

Depending on the specific need you have, your sunglasses will filter out specific frequencies of light. There are frequencies of light so high as to blur your vision and others will enhance the contrast between the lights.

Sunglasses have evolved into becoming fashion statements, but they are first and foremost medical devices for protecting your most precious eyes. So choose wisely. It is advisable to go naked rather than wear a cheap pair of sunglasses at the flea market, which will do more damage.

Money Saving Tips on Online Shopping

Save on Your Online ShoppingDo you love to shop as much as I do? It’s even more fun when I can shop and save money, too. Here are a few of my favorite ways to save time and money when shopping.

Compare prices on a shopping comparison site

Find the best price (and save a lot of time surfing) by using price comparison websites like,,,, and others. Be sure to check more than one since some sites only list certain stores.

Lose the mall. Surf the online malls instead

Just like a regular mall, an online mall groups the best stores all in one place. In this case, the stores are all accessible from one website. Online malls are so much more efficient than the regular mall. You save time because there’s no waiting for a parking space, no fighting the crowds and no waiting in long lines. You can save more money using an online mall than a regular mall. Many online malls give you cash back rebates on each of your purchases through their store links. Rebates can be up to 25%.

Make sure your plastic pays you

Cash back credit cards offer another great way to save even more money on your purchases. My credit card gives us 1% back every time we use it. Rewards vary depending upon the store you’re buying from and what items you purchase. Other cards provide airline miles or even let you save for college while you are shopping.

Clip those codes

Don’t forget to use online discount codes and coupons to save even more. The best way to get these codes is to sign up for a store’s e-mail newsletter. Notice of the site’s sales and specials will be sent directly to your e-mail. Another way to find codes is to use your favorite search engine and search for the site name along with the word “coupon,” “discount” or “promotion code.” If you are using an online mall, be sure to check it too. Most malls maintain a selection of coupons for their members.

Always get free (or almost free!) shipping

When shopping online, watch for times when you can get free shipping. You can save anywhere from a few dollars on up. Use the search engine technique above to look for the website name with “free shipping.”

Give an electronic gift certificate

Are you shopping for a special someone? Let her decide what she wants and where she wants to buy it by giving her an online “super” certificate from If you need a last minute gift, you can e-mail the gift certificate to the recipient. Save even more when you buy these certificates through an online mall. even has certificates to my local mall (perfect for teacher gifts), restaurants, spas and more.

Avoid the long lines at discount stores and visit their websites instead

Some of the best discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target have an online store to save you time. Instead of standing in lines, get your purchases delivered to your door when you shop online.